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Live UK Train Departures v2.0 Released!

Version 2.0 has loads of goodies, including:
★ Now uses the official National Rail data feed, so you should see your upcoming departures quicker than ever!
★ Tap on a Train to see it’s stops and estimated arrival times, along with a marker showing the predicted position of the train!
★ Choose icons for your Favourites from a set of over 50 predefined images!
★ For those of you who live between 2 stations, an optional alternative From Station can be specified, so you can see departures from both stations combined!
★ New ‘Updates’ tab containing a list of the most mobile-friendly Live Service Update pages for each Train Operator. These can also be accessed directly for a specific train from the Train Details page!
★ Search for station by station code!
★ Send a the app to a friend from the About screen!

As ever, your kind reviews keep the updates coming, so do leave a review if you like these updates… Ratings get reset for each new release, so please re-review this new version, even if you’ve done so before… Thanks!



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